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Low Carb: The next big thing

  • By Khalil Balan

Low Carb: The next big thing



More and more, we are seeing the term 'low carb' appear on certain foodstuffs, on packaging, in advertising folders, in promotional brochures. 

But what exactly does this concept mean? What's so special about it?

No more sugars & starch

Classic nutrition promotes high levels of carbohydrates and low levels of fat. But many specialists nowadays recommend the opposite. This different vision of nutrition seems to be bringing a turnaround, a change in power. This also gave rise to the Low Carb diet. Low carb is a specific diet in which as little fast carbohydrates as possible are absorbed. Consumers are going to focus extra on low-carbohydrate foods and much less on sugars and starch.

Tagatose in the leading role

Quite simply! Compared to conventional products, the net value of carbohydrates in our products is much lower than in products with ordinary table sugar. That means an important difference, because our Tagatesse products are also perfectly suited for diabetics. Are there any other benefits? Absolutely:

  • Tagatose does not affect blood sugar levels
  • Very low glycemic index (rate at which carbohydrates are digested. The lower the level, the better the health)
  • Due to this very low glycemic index, the share of Tagatose in our products should not be included in the carbohydrate calculation.

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