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Tagatesse ?!

  • By Khalil Balan

Tagatesse ?!

Tagatesse can help you eat less sugar. Tagatesse is a natural sweetener that is obtained from Lactose. However, hardly any Lactose remains in the end product, making the sweetener suitable for people with a lactose intolerance.

Thanks to its very low glycemic index, Tagatesse has no influence on blood sugar levels. For this reason you do not have to include the amount of Tagatesse in your daily carbohydrate intake. To calculate the net carbohydrate value, you can therefore deduct the Tagatesse grammage from the total number of carbohydrates. You can always find the exact amount of Tagatesse on the packaging of our products.

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In addition to its low glycemic index, Tagatesse has many other benefits. The sweetener delivers 66% less calories than regular sugar, but is twice as sweet as sugar. To replace sugar with Tagatesse, you only need to use half the amount indicated. So even less kcal!

Other positive properties are the high fiber content, a prebiotic effect on the intestinal flora. The sweetener is also very tooth-friendly. Thanks to good heat resistance, the fabric is very suitable for baking and cooking. Unlike most other sweeteners, Tagatesse provides a nice tan during baking and caramelization is also possible. Moreover, the taste is similar to that of regular sugar. You hardly taste a difference.

These properties make the sweetener very suitable for various diets and dietary patterns. Because Tagatesse has no influence on blood sugar, it is an ideal sugar substitute for people with diabetes.
Are you following a ketogenic diet? Even then you can use Tagatesse with confidence. Due to the low glycemic index, no insulin response occurs after consuming Tagatesse and your fat burning is not disturbed. Too great a production of insulin (hormone that is released after consumption of carbohydrates and sugars) disrupts the fat breakdown. Tagatesse is also suitable for a low carb diet.
However, you do not have to have diabetes or follow a low-carb diet to benefit from using Tagatesse. The substance also gets a place in a healthy diet or slimming diets. Thanks to the lower energy content and greater sweetness, you can lower your sugar intake by using Tagatesse.


Resource: Damhert

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